General Dental Care

Dr. Mader believes beautiful smiles begin with good dental care. When you become a patient, your hygienist will provide you with information on dental wellness. Dr. Mader’s office is conveniently located in South Bend near University Park Mall. Dental wellness is general dental care for you to continue between routine check-ups. Good oral hygiene keeps your teeth healthy in between dental visits.


Exceptional Dentistry is providing our patients with good dental care information. The following information explains how dental plaque forms, proper brushing and flossing techniques, and the benefits of fluoride. If you have well water at home, the fluoride information is invaluable to you and your family. Dr. Mader explains the benefits of fluoride and how fluoride has been the wonder-drug of dentistry.


Other Dental Services

Dr. Mader and his team provide a full range of family, personal and cosmetic dental care, using leading technologies designed to maximize your comfort and satisfaction with your dental experience.

Some additional services offered by Dr. Mader include:


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